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1962 & 1964 Proceedings American Philosophical Society

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This auction is for two 8"x10 1/2" publications from February 15, 1962-Volume 106, Number 1 and June 22, 1964-Volume 108, Number 3, "Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society"-"Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge".

They are both in Fair condition with spotting on the side edges, upper corner waterstains on each page throughout each publication, tight bindings, and nicely illustrated.

1962 Issue Articles-"European perspectives on the Civil War", "Seashore-Primitive home of man?", "Mitchell's Birds of Plandome, Long Island", "Japanese rule in Korea (1905-1910): A case study", 'Honest heretic: Joseph Priestly in America, 1794-1804", 'benjamin Franklin and the Pennsylvania Gazette", and "Results of the Space Science program".

1964 Issue Articles-'Thomas Jefferson, clock designer", Benjamin Franklin, Lafayette, and the Lafayette", "the effects of decreasing gravitational constant in the interior of the Earth", Morphogenetic classification of Pleistocene Glaciations in the Alaska-Canada Boundary Range", and "Inventory of terminal position changes in Alaskan coastal glaciers since the 1750's".


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