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English Literary Renaissance Spring, 1987 Faerie Queene

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This auction is for a 6 1/4"x9 1/4" 255 page issue of "English Literary Renaissance", Spring, 1987, Volume 17, Number 2, published by English Literary Renaissance in 1987.

"Studies in the Faerie Queene" Issue.


-"The True Saint George", by Harold L.Weatherby

-"Playing Legerdemaine with the Scripture-Parodic Sermons in The Faerie Queene", by Ann E. Imbrie

-"The Comedy of Female Authority in the Faerie Queene", by Maureen Quilligan

-"Unfitly yokt together in one teeme-Vergil and Ovid in Faerie Queene, III.x", by Mihoko Suzuki

-"Renaissance Psychology and Britomart's Adventures in Faerie Queene III, by James W. Broaddus

-"The Hermaphrodite and the Metamorphasis of Spenserian Allegory", by Lauren Silberman

-"The Masks of Duessa: Spenser, Mary Queen of Scots, and James VI", by Richard A. Mccabe

-"Recent Studies in Burton and Walton", by Andrea Sununu

This issue is in Fair+ condition with tight binding, a few minor stains and smudgeas on the front cover.


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